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Shailna & Anish went to design school and caught the bug of making early on while studying Architecture. They had the privilege of a basic woodshed on their college campus where they tinkered without being worried about the outcome. Fast forward to 2018, when they began investing in their own studio they were faced with an overwhelming number of questions regarding wood, tools, vendors, planning our tool purchase under a limited budget, and very little information available to them. They started with a few tools, stumbled, erred, and learned it through the years. Went on to make some wonderful things including furniture. Today they own a thriving business making wood art. They now have a plethora of knowledge about the subject and would love to share the skill through these 2-day workshops.

The details of the sessions are as under:

Location: Since they are based in Chennai, they are currently offering workshops in the city. Soon they will be bringing the course to Bangalore. Studio Clutter is located here

Duration: 2 days, total 16 hours (class timings 10 am to 6 pm, 1-hour lunch and tea break)

Dates: Sessions are held on 2nd and 4th weekends every month. Registrations are open for January 2023 

------- 7th - 8th January & 21st - 22nd January (updated every month)

Syllabus: The course focuses on working wood starting from its rough state into a finished furniture project. The course begins with theory. We’ll talk about wood as a material and transition into how to plan projects and select materials. We’ll move into safe machine use to mill, square, and join wood with multiple methods. This course is jam-packed, intensive, and emphasizes furniture-making and tool use. We teach traditional carpentry that uses wood-wood joints without the use of hardware.
  • Understanding the nature of wood.

  • Identifying the type of woods and their application

  • Standard trade nomenclature of wood as a raw material.

  • Creating a project plan

  • Demystifying a Bill of Materials and Costs

  • Stock selection: How to pick, where to buy hardwood, and how to work with defects.

  • Layout & dividing project into components.

  • Rough milling: Minimise waste by learning the practical rules of production.

  • Introduction to manual and power tools and their understanding of their use for various purposes.

  • Joinery design: The dos and don t's of long-lived joinery techniques.

  • Joineries introduced: Dowel, Mitre with splines, Box and Dovetail, Bridle, Castle, Mortise and tenon, Crossover Laps. 

  • Gluing and clamping.

  • Sanding: What to do by hand, what to do by machine, and which abrasives/machines to buy.

  • Project assembly: What to glue, how much glue to use, and how to remove the glue.

  • Project finishing: Hand-applied techniques for stains, fillers, sealers, varnish, polyurethane, shellac, and oil finishes. Both rag and brush applications.

  • A power tool & stationary equipment buyers guide: Purchasing the best equipment that will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

There are two ways to learn, you can choose from:

1) By building a project from scratch - here you will be given an option to choose from a variety of simple projects like stools, keepsake boxes, chopping boards/breadboards, lamps, planters, shelves/racks, etc. The pros of this method are that you will learn to make that particular object from start to finish. The cons are that the object may not use all the joineries mentioned above, so you may be able to practice 2-3 joints that make that object.

2) By practicing all joints and techniques - here you will only be making all the joints, and trying and perfect them. This method will enable you to learn the core fundamentals of woodworking in greater detail and once the basics are in place you can use them to build a project of your choice in the future. The details will go through every step of the way including the use of all tools, sharpening, and maintenance, and use of a variety of finishing materials. 

Who can Join: Anybody above 18 years and interested in learning this craft is welcome to join. Especially useful for design and architecture students and professionals. No prior experience is necessary, we teach from scratch.

Workshop fee: INR 7,500 per head, including material, training, and refreshments on both days. You take what you make. [we offer a concession if two or more people enrol]

Cancellation policy: We do not offer a refund upon cancellation, however, you may join us for a session on another date or transfer your seat to another individual. Any change must be conveyed at least 5 days prior to the session. We do not permit session transfer requests any later than that. 

To register: 

We book your seat upon 100% payment of the workshop fee.

Call or Whatsapp us @9910266657 to register or for further details 



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