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Art inspired by wood,
handmade with love.

We are a couple who have separately explored their love for wood and art over the years. Between us, we have tried building & refurbishing furniture, wood carving, whittling, wood finishing, etc., and are currently blending our skills to create unique pieces of wall art and statement furniture. 

Commissioned Works

We dream of building a community of makers.

We taught ourselves everything we know and somewhere down the line felt we were ready to pass the baton. Frankly, practicing woodworking can get quite lonely in India, with a handful of makers engaged in the craft, considering ours is a country with a rich tradition of working with wood. 

While many people in India have learned woodworking skills from their families as part of traditional occupation, there is lack of opportunities for those who wanted to learn for themselves. People like us! So in the year 2020 we started teaching, in the hope that our efforts will encourage and bring about a vibrant woodworking community, comparable to what we see in other parts of the world. 

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