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Duration: 4 hours
Class timings: 2 pm to 6 pm 
Dates: Currently we teach this course in Chennai. A 1-1 or group session can be scheduled at mutual convenience
Reach out to us via email at or WhatsApp on 9910266657 to book a session 
Avadi, Chennai. Studio Clutter is located here

What you will do: Whittling is a sensorial process that connects you with your hands while freeing you from your mind. This course is an opportunity to relax into the process and learn the skills needed to sculpt your own wooden object. It could be a spoon or a small figurine. You will start with a block of wood and we will teach you how to shape it using traditional hand tools. We will discuss techniques, the characteristics of wood suitable for carving and also learn about knives, their care, and sharpening. The bonus is whittling has a small and low-tech kit list - a block of wood, a few knives, and your hands, which means whittling can be done almost anywhere in any spare time available- and it is also easily transportable. 
Beyond the final object, carving wood is an almost meditative practice that will make you connect with your own hands while freeing your mind and learning something new.
Who can Join: Anybody above 18 years and keen on spending an afternoon with us learning a new skill while creating art is welcome to join. No prior experience is necessary, we teach from scratch.   

Workshop fee: INR 3500 per head including tools and materials required for the workshop. You take what you make.

Cancellation policy: We do not offer a refund upon cancellation. You may however transfer the session to a friend. 

To register: 

We register with 100% payment of the workshop fee.

Call or Whatsapp us @9910266657 to register or for further details 



Email us at

Learn to carve an object 

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